Joint efforts

ArcelorMittal USA and the USW work collaboratively

United Steelworkers

In the United States, 18 of our facilities are represented by the United Steelworkers, or USW. Together, ArcelorMittal USA and the USW work collaboratively to improve health and safety, productivity, quality and more.

Through joint efforts, the company and union are focused on achieving the following common objectives: 

  • improve health and safety
  • provide continued, permanent, rewarding employment
  • improve product quality
  • reduce operation/unit costs
  • improve productivity, efficiency of operation
  • improve quality of life in the working environment
  • increase the overall skills of employees
  • improve company and union relations at all levels
  • promote employee involvement in solving problems and business

Thirteen of ArcelorMittal’s operations in the U.S. are covered by a master Basic Labor Agreement (BLA). The remaining USW-represented facilities have individual site contracts that are concurrent with the master BLA. These agreements are decided upon during a pre-determined negotiations period and regulate wages, hours, and terms and conditions for employment.