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What we stand for

The foundation of any brand is a statement of what it stands for

Our values

Sustainability, quality and leadership. They describe how we will 'transform tomorrow.' They are simple, and taken one by one, not unique in themselves. It's the combination, and the way we apply them, that makes our brand values unique.

Sustainability is about how we need to operate to succeed in the long-term

We want to be competitive and thrive in the world of tomorrow. This means we need to understand how the world is evolving, not only from an economic and market perspective, but also in terms of the social and environmental mega-trends that will shape our future. Our strategic thinking must be shaped by ensuring a competitive cost position versus the competition, but also taking into account society’s expectations for a more circular and lower carbon economy. This will enable us to take the right decisions about investment priorities and build the strongest platform for our company. This long-term thinking is essential if we want to ensure continued commercial success and generate the support of our stakeholders and long-term leadership in our sector.  

Quality is about exceeding expectations
Quality is essential to our competitive edge. We must seek to exceed expectations in terms of our products, processes and performance, combining our deep operational knowledge with keen business acumen and a desire to innovate and expand the potential of steel. We should aspire to achieve excellence in everything we do, inspiring our colleagues to develop new ideas and come out on top. 

Leadership is about being visionary and driving change

We are the industry leader, not only in terms of volumes and shipments but most critically, by being ranked number one by our customers and appreciated for the products and services we offer. We achieved this leadership position as a result of our visionary thinking and willingness to challenge the status quo and do things differently. In the highly competitive world we operate in, we must continue to demonstrate thought leadership and champion new ideas and new ways of operating. We must be open to change, focused on driving innovation and seeking out transformational opportunities. We do not wait for others to show us the way; we find the way and in so doing demonstrate to stakeholders the value our company can bring to society. 

Transforming tomorrow is about understanding where the world is going and defining how ArcelorMittal contributes to the world of tomorrow

Steel is a critical material for our world. It touches everyday life, at home and at work, in infrastructure, transport and buildings. For more than a century it has transformed economies and made lives safer and more comfortable. We are passionate about steel and its enduring ability to transform tomorrow. We believe that steel can and will remain the material of choice due to its versatility and unique properties, meeting the challenges faced by the world and the evolving aspirations of future generations. We will continue to help with the positive transformation of economies through developing and producing steel-based solutions that support society’s demands and ambitions for the 21st century and beyond.