Bull dozer

Customized and durable steel solutions

Yellow goods

ArcelorMittal’s high performance steel grades allow the most challenging designs and the creation of durable construction equipment, commonly referred to as yellow goods.

The term "yellow goods" refers to the color scheme of heavy equipment such as bulldozers and front end loaders. High capacity and safety performance are key considerations in the design of yellow goods. ArcelorMittal is the industry leader in this market, with the broadest range of steel plate and hot-rolled sheet steel specifications and sizes available to serve virtually any yellow goods application.

ArcelorMittal USA produces light and heavy thickness hot-rolled sheet steel coils for mild carbon, structural and high strength low Alloy (HSLA) grades per ASTM A1011 and ASTM A1018. Grades exhibiting minimum yield strength up to 100 KSI are available for sheet steel applications. Heat treated alloy plate grades are available with minimum yield strength up to 160 KSI, as well as for conversion to plate specification grades. ArcelorMittal stands ready to provide the high quality steels required in this equipment. Technology leadership and R&D support allows us to address specific needs for a variety of applications and provide customized solutions.

Premium grades

ArcelorMittal offers a family of premium abrasion-resistant plate steel grades called Hardwear® which has significant brand recognition in the domestic yellow goods and mining markets.

Hardwear is designed for through-thickness hardness, while maintaining minimum carbon, alloy and carbon equivalent contents to improve weldability. Hardwear plate steels are used in the original fabrication and repair of heavy equipment subject to severe abrasive wear. Their use is especially effective where formed transitions are preferred over welded joints for flowability in material handling equipment used in the mining, aggregate, pulp and paper, and construction industries. Hardwear's improved weldability enhances its attractiveness where field welding is often performed.

The most common applications of Hardwear are in the mining and construction markets with use as liners for truck beds, buckets, hoppers, chutes, crushers and conveyor troughs. Concrete mixer drums, trash truck bottoms, bucket lips, street sweepers and dump trailers are among other applications.