Tin cans

We offer an extensive range of products to serve all packaging sectors


As a worldwide leader in steel production, ArcelorMittal has been at the forefront of the steel for packaging market for many years. ArcelorMittal serves customers worldwide with a wide range of products.

In the United States, ArcelorMittal operates a premier tin production facility in Weirton, West Virginia which is the single largest facility in the U.S. producing tin mill products. Weirton is a full range producer of single and double reduced tin plate, chrome plate (TFS) and black plate used in the production of food cans, aerosol cans, paint cans, automotive and truck oil filters, decorative tins and other miscellaneous applications. Weirton works closely with its customers to provide this highly engineered product, on time with superior customer service.


Recycling is second nature for steel as it is infinitely and 100 percent recyclable. Steel is a permanent material, which regardless of how many times it is recycled, loses none of its strength or inherent properties. Each item of recycled steel packaging saves one-and-a-half times its weight in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Thanks to its magnetic properties, steel is the easiest and most economical type of material to sort and recover for recycling.