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As a company we know our 10 sustainable development outcomes collectively describe the issues most material to ArcelorMittal and to our stakeholders.
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ArcelorMittal crafted our integrated report based on the issues we know are most material to our business in the United States. At a global level, our 10 sustainable development outcomes are the basis for a materiality exercise in every country around the world. As a company we know that these 10 outcomes collectively describe the most important issues to ArcelorMittal and to our stakeholders.

In the United States in 2015, we went beyond the 10 outcomes to ask our stakeholders what issues they find most important. In addition, we asked our stakeholders to rate our performance as it relates to the 10 outcomes and to numerous other issues at play in our country and the steel industry here. Through online surveys, formal and informal meetings, site-level grievance mechanisms and other listening sessions, our corporate responsibility team collected feedback from each of our stakeholder groups. The responses we received from these stakeholders frame the contents of this report.

Leaders and stakeholders

At ArcelorMittal, we employ a robust stakeholder engagement process involving every level of leadership. The chart below outlines our key external stakeholders and those groups and individuals who actively engage with these stakeholders on a regular basis.