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2015 highlights

A message from corporate responsibility leadership in the United States

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2015 year in review from corporate responsibility leadership

Over the past two years, ArcelorMittal developed and implemented what we believe is the most ambitious sustainability narrative in the steel industry. Led by Dr. Alan Knight, our corporate responsibility team in the United States has actively collaborated with leadership around the world to initialize best practice programming in sustainability. We asked ourselves, “What would it mean if ArcelorMittal were the most sustainable steel company in the world?” The result of in depth conversations with internal and external stakeholders are ArcelorMittal’s 10 sustainable development (SD) outcomes. Our work in 2015 represents our first full year of implementation of the 10 outcomes.  We have already experienced success in driving sustainability initiatives through the 10 outcomes in the United States. Many of these initiatives are detailed in the 10 outcomes sections of this report

Leading sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts for the world’s largest steel and mining company is inherently challenging. Each day, our team in the United States balances the importance of maintaining our license to operate with key stakeholders and communities with the risks and challenges characteristic of a manufacturing company our size. With size comes responsibility, and we know transparency and open dialogue with our stakeholders is what will truly drive sustainability and long-term value creation for ArcelorMittal.

To that end, this report takes a major step toward open stakeholder communication and transparency with our first step toward integrated reporting. Learn more about our journey toward integrated reporting in the About this report section. 

The work we’re doing related to the 10 SD outcomes is detailed in full in this report with a section for each of the 10. Let us begin by highlighting a few of the initiatives our corporate responsibility team is most proud of from 2015: 

  • Good governance
    Each of our 10 outcomes is guided by the principle of being underpinned by transparent good governance. It may be easy to overlook this portion of our sustainability strategy, but in truth it is critical to the success of our entire sustainability narrative. In 2015, our United States corporate responsibility team engaged leaders from around the country to create our first country level Sustainable Development Council (SDC) modeled on a global Council of the same name. Each member of the SDC represents a different area of our United States business. These leaders are the individuals who will work hand in hand with our team to ensure the 10 outcomes are understood by employees at every level. They will help to set ambitious goals for implementation, and ultimately ensure sustainability is integrated into our business strategy moving forward.
  • Trusted user of air, land and water
    Outcome 5 drives us to be a trusted user of air, land and water. ArcelorMittal employs a team of environmental professionals who work closely with each facility to execute strong environmental performance at every level. A part of this outcome, though, extends beyond our facilities to the air, land and water concerns of our communities. Our focus in this area has been to develop and participate in strong public-private partnerships to address these issues with key stakeholders. We recognize that environmental issues in our communities cannot be solved by nonprofit organizations or government entities alone. To make longstanding, scalable changes in our environment, businesses, government and nonprofit organizations must come together to address these issues. Read more in our Outcome 8 section about our public-private partnership in the Great Lakes region, Sustain Our Great Lakes and the $113.6 million in conservation investment the program has made since 2008. Also, learn about a new public-private partnership in 2015 through our AM/NS Calvert facility in the Mobile Bay and Gulf Coast. 
  • Developing communities, future scientists and engineers
    Outcome 8 – active and welcomed member of the community, and outcome 9 – pipeline of talented scientists and engineers for tomorrow, come together in ArcelorMittal’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education community investment funding. In 2015, we launched a competitive grant program with renowned in-school curriculum provider Project Lead the Way. ArcelorMittal committed an initial $300,000 to the program to establish or enhance STEM programming in middle and high schools located near our facilities in Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois. Together with Project Lead the Way, ArcelorMittal will provide grants to 16 schools in early 2016 and looks forward to growing the program in the coming years to ensure more students have access to STEM education than ever before in school systems around the country.

In 2016, we look forward to driving new and innovative ways to activate our 10 SD outcomes in the United States. We thank you for your interest in our corporate responsibility and sustainability programming. Detailed sections of this report related to each of the 10 outcomes outline our progress last year. We also invite you to continue to follow our progress throughout the year toward these outcomes in the news section of our website and by following us on Twitter at @ArcelorMittalUS.

William C. Steers
Marcy Twete
President, ArcelorMittal USA Foundation and Corporate Responsibility Governance Board Executive Director, ArcelorMittal USA Foundation and Corporate Responsibility Governance Board