Investing in our people

We believe that an organization is only as successful as its people

Why ArcelorMittal?

We aim to give our employees every chance to flourish in their careers and grow as part of a global company.

We believe in supporting, developing and rewarding those who work for us, at every level. Just as we lead the way in our specialist fields – steel and mining – we also aim to pioneer when it comes to giving our employees every chance to develop their careers and grow as part of the worldwide ArcelorMittal family.

Quality is one of our three core corporate values, and it’s through investing in our people that quality comes to the forefront.

As part of the world’s leading steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal USA offers a wealth of diverse opportunities. Whether you work in production in Pennsylvania or as a purchaser in Indiana, joining ArcelorMittal is the start of a journey that, we hope, will lead to a fulfilling, diverse career.

Work with us and we’ll work with you to help you achieve your potential. We operate extensive career enhancement programs that serve not only to ensure that our workforce is constantly learning and improving, but also that members of the ArcelorMittal family have the opportunity to be motivated, to develop and to satisfy their ambition to have a rewarding working life.

Learning and development

We take learning and development seriously; our training and leadership academies are run in conjunction with our own ArcelorMittal University. We operate numerous other training programs, including a leadership career acceleration program, an online e-academy and personalized development plans for each individual. Our position as a leader in our field is also reflected in our competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Having leaders at all levels and in all parts of the business is crucial to the success of our company. Leadership shouldn’t – and doesn’t – just come from the top. To be a harmonious, efficient and successful organization, we need leaders at all levels and in all areas. And we want our leaders to inspire, encourage and energize those around them. That is why we put great emphasis on giving our staff the tools to become great leaders.

“We should not only continuously challenge and improve ourselves; we should also actively encourage and foster talent and responsibility in others. We want everyone in our company to find in their professional lives a capacity to accomplish themselves, to put the best into what they do. If you show initiative and accept challenges, then there will be no hindrance to your growth.”
- Lakshmi N Mittal, Chairman and CEO

One initiative that encourages this philosophy is the global employee development program (GEDP). The GEDP is the cornerstone of our people strategy and the foundation for delivering lasting improvement by effectively managing the performance, potential, development and careers of our people. Its focus is to raise competence levels in the organization and ensure that we have a pipeline of talent developed and ready to occupy key positions within the leadership of the company.

The GEDP encapsulates our main people management processes:

  • Performance management
  • Succession management
  • Talent identification and development
  • Development planning

Through talent management, ArcelorMittal intends to improve the leadership and management capabilities of its employees and create career opportunities for people who strive to develop their professional and personal potential. Providing excellent learning and development opportunities contributes to build inspiring and effective leadership and open and transparent communication.