Capturing the beauty of American steel mills

Czech photographer visits ArcelorMittal USA


Viktor Macha, a photographer from the Czech Republic, visited four of ArcelorMittal’s operations last fall. He began documenting heavy industry almost 10 years ago.

He started out photographing deep coal mines, followed by foundries and small forges, and then moved onto large metallurgical combines within Europe. He had planned a trip to the USA in 2013, but it fell through due to the difficulty of getting proper permissions.

According to Viktor, “As a citizen of former Eastern bloc, a former post-Soviet country, the United States has always had a special flavor to me. A flavor of freedom, a flavor of better times.  I felt a journey to your country [the USA] was inevitable for me.” Viktor was determined to make it to the United States to capture the “American way” of steelmaking.

He finally made it and landed in Chicago in October of 2015. During his time here, he visited four ArcelorMittal plants: Burns Harbor, Indiana Harbor, Warren and Cleveland. Viktor explains he was, “truly overwhelmed by the beauty of the American mils. It was not only the unforgettable architecture of Burns Harbor blast furnaces, the giant BOF vessels in Indiana Harbor, the majestic and endless hot strip mill hall in Cleveland or the traditional coke works at Warren, but also the special atmosphere that is so different than any other European mill.”

He cherished his time here and was able to capture some incredible moments at our facilities.

We encourage you to check out Viktor’s photo website which includes his photographing sessions from Burns Harbor, Indiana Harbor, Cleveland and Warren:

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