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Making steel more sustainable: 2014 activities

Making Steel More Sustainable is one of the four pillars of ArcelorMittal's corporate responsibility program. This section of our website describes our progress toward the following sustainable development outcomes:

  • Outcome 2: Products that accelerate more sustainable lifestyles

  • Outcome 3: Products that create sustainable infrastructure

  • Outcome 4: Efficient use of resources and high recycling rates

  • Outcome 5: Trusted user of air, land and water

  • Outcome 6: Responsible energy user that helps create a lower carbon future

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Energy management  

Reduce energy consumption by 1 percent per year for 10 years (with 2013 as the baseline)

Continue our partnership with ENERGY STAR® and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)


Attained a 0.365 percent reduction in
2014 when compared against 2013

Participated with ENERGY STAR® and
the DOE in energy reduction efforts


Continue to work toward a goal of reducing energy intensity by 10 percent across the USA by 2023 (approximately a 1 percent reduction annually) and continue participation with ENERGY STAR® and the DOE

Management systems  

Maintain ISO 14001 certification for steelmaking facilities in operation


Target Maintained ISO 14001 certification for steelmaking facilities in operation


Continue to maintain ISO 14001 certification at all operating facilities and utilize the environmental managment information system to make continuous improvements in how we manage our environmental performance

Knowledge retention  

Ensure transfer of knowledge to new environmental professionals


Continued implementation of a formal training and recruitment program for the environmental department


Continue to recruit and train environemntal professionals for positions on the environmental team